I am not going to describe what happened. Too painful. Circumstances involved life support.
What made me feel better : The moon. Why follows.
Watching a person you love on life support is like watching the sun set. You know it is fading. You are desperate for their warmth, their light to shine forever. Eventually you are told that brightness, that part of them you loved, is going to slip over the horizon creating a very dark and cold night for you to endure.
The first night after death I stood outside and looked up. I saw the moon. It hit me like a ton of bricks. The moon reflects the light of the sun. This in and of itself was a euphemism for what I was going through.
While it was dark out and I felt alone, I was never truly on my own. The sun had not vanished it had simply disappeared to a place where I could not follow and in the wake of that seamless night I was left the moon, for it could stay to remind me the sun still shines upon another place where its rays cannot reach me - except through that moon. It was the reminder I was given to keep strong. The moon is a reflection of the light I once knew and so long as it hangs in our sky I am not forgotten by the sun nor is the sun forgotten by me… even if only glimpse a reflection now and then.
The best part of this universal message: As always, the sun shall rise again one day. Perhaps I will find love. Perhaps there is hope. For now I am dancing under the moon.

From Seven Deadlies on reddit.

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It’s no coincidence that this painting is in the space I’m staying in.. (A gift my adopted mother received just before July) 

Oizys — is the goddess of pain, misery, suffering, woe and distress. She is not very satisfied that she has chosen this path in her life, to be a lifeless goddess and causing pain and woe to others, especially when they’re innocent and don’t need it. She is the fatherless daughter of Nyx, and is semi-related to Nyx’s other children. 

OIZYS was the spirit (daimona) of misery and woe, distress and suffering. She was one of the malevolent children of Nyx (Night).

Οιζυς	— Oizys. —	Miseria	— Misery, Woe,
Distress (oizys)
Coil - Time Machines (Full Album)




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Releasing of the Andrew particles- tomorrow—- into his underground water source- infecting the populous with calcium chunks.

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May 1 – 5

Transformative Pluto trines your Sun. 2014 is ripe with opportunities for you to transform from the caterpillar to the butterfly, via a cocoon like experience.  You’ll willing enter into a period of simplicity as you seek to transform bad habits into great ones. Harnessing your own creative power is key to your personal evolution this year.